If we all had purses like these beautiful, tiny beaded bags that my grandmother had, we'd have no problems. And no place to put all our junk.I know I should probably be writing about the history of these bags, and perhaps I will update this post later, but these bags r...



In the eighth paragraph of a letter neatly constructed in careful cursive, much like all the letters the generation before me in my mother’s family wrote to each other, chronicling their lives, my uncle wrote:


“I would appreciate it if you would destroy this letter. I...



Despite Brains


Those two words could be the beginning of any sentence describing American politics in 2016.


Or perhaps any variety of sentences describing my own life: “Despite Brains, I took up downhill mountain biking at age 45.” I nearly laughed out loud when I did...



Every good story starts with mystery.

And every mystery starts with a story.


Two days ago, I just felt like I had to look at a small “picture” in my office. I’ve looked at it my whole life, though not always in my own home or office. It had been in my godmother’s home...


Is it just me? Or do the faces of vintage and antique dolls freak you out and draw you in at the same time?  I can’t even imagine the scenario where a child hugs many of the dolls I have seen or have in my own possession and says: “Lets have tea, Dolly” or “I love you...

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