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Much of the antiques/vintage/retro furniture iteams are sold privately, consignment or at antique fairs. Consequently, mostly the art is constantly posted while other items rotate. We try to post on our Ebay store and Etsy when possible but personal inquiry via the "about jennyprovenance" tab is always a great way to ask for any type of item you may be looking for - we have a large inventory of items.

Regarding the art displyed on the Ebay & Etsy Store - the art is original, not mass produced, and can be made in other mediums than wrapped canvas and in almost any custom size - just send an email and we  will get back to you with pricing. Some of it can even be recreated with another color scheme if desired, to match any decor.

If you live in the greater DC area, personal shopping services, consultations, and possibly delivery are available.

what does provenance and pilgrimage mean?
  • The place of origin or ealiest known history of something

  • the beginning of something's existence; something's origin

  • A record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality

  • origin: late 18th century french "provenir"; latin: provenire (to come forth)



  • A journey to a place associated with someone or something well known or respected

  • life viewed as a journey

  • origin: Middle English from provencal; pelerinatge; pelegin

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